English Language Arts

English language Arts:

Stonebridge World School implements a Readers and Writers Workshop model for all students. The Workshop framework looks like this:

  • Mini Lesson
    • Teacher introduces a strategy or skill to all students
  • Independent Reading
    • All students have time to read books at their level to enhance their literacy skills
  • Guided Reading
    • Teacher meets with small groups of students to work on a specific skill that they’re lacking
  • Closing
    • Students gather together to reflect on their work as readers. They can share what they read or learned and review the material from the mini lesson

The Readers and Writers Workshop model helps build all students into successful readers and writers. Teachers use the Good Habits Great Readers curriculum from Pearson in grades K-2 and the students in grades 3-6 use the Benchmark Education Literacy curriculum. These two resources help support teachers in their implementation of the Workshop model.


Stonebridge World School students in classroom