Food Assistance

Minnesota Department of Human Resources

Information about SNAP and other hunger resources is collected on the department’s new food emergency webpage.
Minnesotans can fill out an application for SNAP online at ApplyMN.dhs.mn.gov. For help applying or additional food resources, contact the Food Helpline at 1-888-711-1151 or visit Hunger Solutions.

Pillsbury United Communities

Our food programs are open to all, with no income or ZIP code restrictions. First-time food shelf visitors will be asked to complete a short registration.

Click here for food shelf hours, and click here for community café hours. This information is also available in Spanish, Somali, and Oromo on our Facebook page

Stonebridge World School Food and Distance Learning Material Packets Update:


    1. Food delivery will happen on Monday, March 30.
    2. The buses will now stop at all stops even if you have opted out in the past. When the bus arrives, if you choose, you can let the bus staff know that you would like to pass the food to another family.
    3. Food Delivery and Distance Learning Material Packets will continue to be distributed on….

Food Delivery Dates:

Monday, April 6th – Food Delivery and Learning Materials for All Students

Monday, April 13th– Food Delivery. As-Needed-Learning Materials

Monday, April 20th-Food Delivery. As-Needed-Learning Materials

Monday, April 27th– Food Delivery. As-Needed-Learning Materials

Monday, May 4th– Check back for updates

Please make sure you are at the stop to receive Distance Learning Material packets on Monday April 6th.  We will let you know if learning packets will continue to be delivered with food.  

Please Make sure you are tracking your child’s bus using the My STOP APP.

My Stop APP directions in ENGLISH
My Stop APP direction in   SPANISH