Ms. Aziz’s Schedule

Ms. Aziz’s Daily Schedule

Hello KA friends

I hope you are all well and ready to learn via Google Classroom.
Here is our daily schedule

*9:00a.m. Rise and shine – have breakfast, change your clothes and get ready to learn

*10:00a.m. Morning Meeting – Check in and participate in the morning meeting – this might be watching a video, responding to me, following a PowerPoint for your day’s events.

*10:15 – Check out the math instructions and assignments for the day.  Complete assignments

*10:55 – Recess!  Get up and move, go outside for a walk, play with your siblings.

*11:20 – Lunch – take a break and have some lunch

*11:50 – Brain break – get up and move, listen to a story from Tumble books or finish your math.

*12:00 – 1:00 Reading – complete assignments, log into RAZ kids using your login – complete book assignment

1:00 – 1:40 – Global Unit – Complete assignments 

1:40 -2:30 – Specialists – Check in to the specialist for the day Gym, Art or Tech.

2:30 – Finish any unfinished work.  Free choice – play with playdo, read a book, color, draw, practice your handwriting.

*3:00 – 2nd recess – play indoors or out!

*3:40 – End of the day