Stonebridge Building Company

Stonebridge Building Company
The Stonebridge Building Company is a  Minnesota nonprofit organization classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, that owns the Stonebridge building and leases it to Stonebridge World School, in accordance with MN Statutes 124E.13 Subd. 3, 7a. Affiliated nonprofit building corporation.

Building Company Board Members
Mathew Shumacher
Ross Pierce
Barbara Dotty

Building Company Bylaws

Building Company Minutes

February 8, 2016 (Minutes)
February 17, 2015 (Minutes)
September 22, 2015 (Minutes)
November 18, 2014 (Minutes)
October 21, 2014 (Minutes)
September 16, 2014 (Minutes)
August 19, 2014 (Minutes)