Who We Are

Stonebridge World School is a PreK-6 Minneapolis public charter school that provides a unique combination of a global curriculum, a variety of services and a central location designed to provide a first-class education to Minneapolis students.

Tuition-free and open to all PreK-6 students, Stonebridge is a safe, small school community that focuses on building global citizens through reading, writing, and math combined with arts, technology,  and physical education to educate the whole child.

Mission and Vision

Teachers and staff at Stonebridge World School have experience working with a diverse student population. Drawing upon that experience we have developed a learning program for the school which features research-based curriculum, hands-on learning opportunities, small class sizes, comprehensive family support services, and opportunities for active parent participation. We know that how students learn is as important as what they learn so we support families in helping their children learn and grow.

Our Mission:
Stonebridge World School is a community with a global perspective that inspires lifelong learners with a passion for academic success.

Our Vision:
At Stonebridge World School we aspire to develop independent critical thinkers motivated to pursue their dreams with a sense of global social responsibility.


Stonebridge World School offers PreK-6 students…

  • Individual learning plans
  • Responsive Classroom—integration of social and academic learning.
  • Free bus transportation
  • Student and family events
  • Committed teachers and staff
  • Free before-school-drop-off-center

Stonebridge is rooted in the shared vision of parents, community, teachers and administrators…
Building Global Citizens