Policies related to the operation of Stonebridge World School can be found here. Click on the name of the policy in order to download the complete policy in a PDF format.

100 Policies: Foundations and Basic Commitments
101 Equal Educational Opportunity Policy

200 Policies: Board Governance and Operations
201 Legal Status
202 School Board Procedures; Rules of Order
203 Conflict of Interest Policy
204 Out of State Travel Board Members
205 Development, Adoption, and Implementation of Policies

300 Policies: Administration

400 Polices: Personnel
401 Equal Employment Opportunity
402 Background Checks
403 Benefits Policy
404 Health Insurance Coverage
405 Staff Procedure Restraining Students CPI
406 Employee Non-discrimination Policy
407 HIPPA Privacy Note
408 HIV and other Communicable Diseases
409 Alcohol & Drug-Free Worplace Policy
410 Tobacco Use Policy
411 Quick Response Team QRT
414 Mandated Reporting
415 Nepotism

500 Policies: Students
501 Admissions and Lottery Policy
502 Early Admission
503 Attendance
504 Recruitment and Promotion
505 District Immigration Matters- Response Policy
506 Student Disability Nondiscrimination Policy
507 Student Sex Nondiscrimination Form
507 Student Sex Nondiscrimination Policy
508 Health Examinations, Health Screenings, Immunizations and Services Policy
509 Student Medication
510 Behavior Management Plan
511 Use of police and crisis team
512 Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions and Student’s Person policy
513 Protection and Privacy of Student Records
514 Outdoor Recess
515 Releasing Student Procedure
516 Religion in Schools
517 Locating a Missing Student
518 Weapons on School Premise
519 Hazing Prohibition
520 Bully Prohibition
521 School Wellness Policy
522 Harassment Policy
523 Grievance Policy
524 Student Promotion Retention and Acceleration
525 Internet Acceptable Use
526 Tele-related Services Policy

600 Policies: Education Program
601 Curriculum and Instruction Goals
602 Instructional Service-Special Education
603 Special Education Workload
604 Field Trips
605 Family Involvement

700 Policies: Non-Instructional Fiscal Management
701 Financial Policies
702 Fund Balance Policy
703 Fraud Policy
704 Deposit Designation and Electronic Funds Transfer
705 Credit Card Policy Petty Cash
706 Staff Travel Expense Policy
707 Transportation Services
708 School Bus Camera
709 Procurement Policy
710 Sped Procurement Policy

800 Policies: Buildings and Sites
801 Facility Neutrality and Equal Access for Student Non-curricular Groups
802 Lockdown Procedures
803 Security Management Policy

900 Policies: School Community Relations
901 Visitor Guidelines 4-25-17



Outline of Completed Title IX training : Training Outline

Policies - Stonebridge World School
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