Uniform Guidelines PreK-6


The main purposes of the dress code are to focus students’ attention on school work rather than attire, and build a sense of community within the school. 

All clothing items should be clean and in good condition, no holes or ragged hems. 


  Acceptable Not Acceptable
Pants/Shorts/ Skirts Navy Blue/Black/Khaki Black/Blue Jeans Leggings Black/Navy

Shorts/Skirts no shorter than mid-thigh

Multicolor Jeans Logos

Lycra, Spandex, Bike shorts Sweatpants

Oversized pants Joggers, PJ Pants

Shirts Navy blue or white polo shirts, long or short sleeved

School T-shirt with Stonebridge logo Long sleeves under short sleeves- (must be white or navy)

Non-School logo T-shirts T-shirts or tank tops
Sweatshirts/ Sweaters Navy blue/ Maroon/ Grey crewneck (plain)

School issued Sweatshirt

Hoodies worn in the classroom (outerwear only) Non-School logos
Shoes/ Footwear Sneakers Sandals, clogs, heels, flip flops, hiking boots, Crocks, slippers. Boots (winter boots may be worn to school and must be left in lockers during the day)



Small, simple & non-distracting, solid color hijab or headbands Hats, scarves or bandanas Headwraps