Uniform Guidelines PreK-6


The main purposes of the dress code are to focus students’ attention on school work rather than attire, and build a sense of community within the school. 

All clothing items should be clean and in good condition, no holes or ragged hems.

Stonebridge World School requires that all students wear a uniform every day.  Stonebridge will distribute a free uniform starter kit before the beginning of the school year at the Family Open House. A Parent must pick up the uniform starter kit from the school prior to the student starting school.  Any child who arrives out of uniform will be sent to the administrative area. Parents may be called to bring a uniform to school for the student.  Uniforms shirts and sweatshirts may be purchased through the school at a very reasonable cost.

The only exception to the uniform policy is when Stonebridge staff designates a special non-uniform day. Information about special non-uniform days will be sent home with Backpack Mail in advance of the day.

Acceptable uniform items can be found at many department and discount stores.


Acceptable Not Acceptable
Pants Navy Blue
Blue Jeans
Black Jeans, Black Leggings
Shorts/ Skirts no shorter than mid-thigh
Jumpers: Navy or Khaki
Oversized pants
Leggings (unless solid navy blue or white and under skirt or jumper)
Lycra, Spandex
Shirts Navy blue or white polo shirts
(long or short sleeved)
School T-shirt with Stonebridge logo
Long sleeves under short sleeves- (white or navy)
Non-School logo T-shirts
T-shirts or tank tops
Sweatshirts/Sweaters Navy blue crewneck (plain)
School issued sweatshirt
Hoodies worn in the classroom
Non-School logos
Shoes/Footwear Sneakers Sandals, clogs, or heels, flip flops
Hiking boots
Boots (winter boots may be worn to school and left in lockers during the day)
Jewelry & Accessories Small, simple & non-distracting, solid color hijab or headbands Hats, scarves, or bandanas