Stonebridge students in the prekindergarten program use The Creative Curriculum.  The Creative Curriculum is one of the most widely used pre-k curricula in the nation.  This comprehensive and research-based curriculum features exploration and discovery as a way of learning.

The Creative Curriculum…

  • Increases Kindergarten readiness
  • Promotes social-emotional development
  • Supports all children
  • Is aligned to all state early learning guidelines and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes

Elementary School (K-5th Grade Students)

Stonebridge World School uses Everyday Mathematics in grades K-5. Everyday Math is designed to allow children to gain an understanding of mathematical concepts and a solid mathematical foundation producing life-long mathematical power.

Everyday Math emphasizes…

  • Use of concrete, real-life examples
  • Repeated exposures to mathematical concepts and skills
  • Frequent practice of basic computation skills
  • Use of multiple methods and problem-solving strategies

The goal of Everyday Math is to build powerful mathematical thinkers. 

Middle School (6th Grade Students)

Stonebridge Middle School students use an inquiry-based mathematics program call Connected Mathematics 3.

Connected Mathematics…

  • Fosters curiosity, engagement and ownership through student-centered learning
  • Builds on previous understandings, requiring students to connect concepts, make sense of math, and extend their comprehension
  • Integrates technology and promotes critical thinking, decision-making, creativity and collaboration skills
Student in classroom