Distance Learning

What is distance learning?

Minnesota defines distance learning as, “Students engaging in distance learning have access to appropriate educational materials and receive daily interaction with their licensed teacher(s).” It is important to note that distance learning does not always mean e-learning or online learning. It is critical to provide this learning in a format that can be equitably accessed by all students.

Stonebridge World School will utilize Google Classroom and Distance Learning Packet Materials to deliver Distance Learning to students.

Stonebridge World School’s distance learning program will begin Monday, April 6th

Stonebridge World School Distance Learning Expectations  

How will my child’s attendance be tracked?

Stonebridge World School will take attendance on Google Classroom.

    • Students are encouraged to log into their morning meeting daily at 9am.
    • Students will be counted as present if they have logged on by noon each day.
    • Middle School will be required to log onto their advisory and each subject area by noon daily.
    • If a student does not log into the classroom a Blackboard call will be sent to the parent each day.
    • If after 2 days, there is still no log on activity and a student has been marked absent a call to the parent will be made.
    • If no contact is made with the parent and there is still no attendance activity on Google Classroom after 4 days, there will be a home location check by a staff person.
    • After 5 days of no activity there will be a social work referral.

If your child is cared for by a daycare provider the daily schedule will be shared with the daycare provider allowing it to be followed.  

If your child is attending Stonebridge World School’s childcare program because you are an emergency worker, your child will have access to technology and participate in the distance learning program while attending the Stonebridge childcare program.


Stonebridge World School’s complete Distance Learning Plan:

Distance Learning Plan