City Connects

Student Support Program

To support learning at Stonebridge World School, we have developed a comprehensive student support system to ensure that each and every student receives the supports, services, and resources she needs to be academically successful and healthy.

Our school’s student support program is facilitated by City Connects, a partnership among schools, Boston College, and community agencies.

Our student support process is coordinated by a full-time City Connects Coordinator (SSC). Hilary Kelly is a licensed Masters Level Social Worker and is housed in our school. She can be reached by phone at 612-877-7400 or email at hkelly@sbwschool.org.

The purpose of our student support process is to ensure that each student has the supports s/he needs to successfully engage in classroom instruction.  To do this, we assess the strengths and needs of each child in the school and connect him/her to a tailored set of support services. Please note that the student support process and the special education referral process are distinct and different.

Each year, the City Connects Coordinator partners with classroom teachers to review every student in the classroom to discuss student strengths and needs.  As a result of this process, tailored supports may be recommended for each child.  The City Connects Coordinator and/or a school staff member will collaborate with the family to explain the recommended supports and secure services from within the school and/or from community partners.

Another aspect of the student support process for some students involves convening a larger Student Assistance Team that may include the school administrator, school nurse, teacher, school psychologist, after-school provider, and/or other support personnel.  This meeting is facilitated by the City Connects Coordinator.  The purpose of this team is to discuss students in greater depth and develop a detailed student support plan that will be monitored over the course of the year. You will be contacted by the City Connects Coordinator to discuss the plan and action steps to move forward.

The supports and resources of the student support process are available to you as the parent/caregiver. If you would like to initiate services for your child or have any questions, please contact Hilary Kelly, MSW LGSW .