Covid-19 Disinfection and Cleaning Procedures

Increased Daily Disinfecting

Custodial staff prioritize high-touch areas such as door handles, switches,
hand railings, desks and bathrooms. Bleach wipes and disinfectant sprays
are available for staff use on-site.

Building Impacted Area Disinfection with a Suspected COVID-19 Case

The impacted areas are disinfected with priority given to bathrooms,
hallways, drinking fountains, cafeterias, kitchens and health offices.
High-touch areas are also prioritized. Cafeteria disinfection will occur daily
and in between groups of students using food service areas, as well as kitchens throughout the day.

Immediate Area Disinfection and Cleaning with a Positive COVID-19 Case

The affected areas are closed off and a rapid response cleaning team
thoroughly disinfects the entire area and any other common spaces the individual may have occupied. Staff use germicidal bleach, halt, disinfectant sprays, nitrile gloves, hand soap, electrostatic backpack sprayer, and one gallon sprayers to disinfect large areas quickly.

Potential Full Building Closure with Multiple Positive COVID-19 Cases and Potential Building-Wide Exposure

Custodial staff will thoroughly disinfect the entire building in accordance with cleaning and disinfecting standards and in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Health.