Covid-19 Safety Measures in School

  1. Hand sanitizer stations have been put in the entrance of every room.
  2. Drinking fountains have been converted to contactless water bottle fill stations. Students will be provided with a reusable water bottle.
  3. Classrooms are set up for Hybrid social distancing. Tables have plastic dividers between students.
  4. Safe healthy habits and social distance signage have been placed throughout the building.
  5. Building entrance safety procedures are in place with hand sanitation, required mask, and temperature check upon arrival.
  6. Designated space for students with temperatures waiting to be picked-up.
  7. Individual school supply sets for home and school.
  8. Building cleaning and disinfecting plan in place.
  9. Additional space in the building renovated to provide social distancing.
  10. Food service planned in for all 3 scenarios with food being delivered on Wednesdays for Distance Learning and Hybrid.
  11. Smart TV’s purchased and placed in classrooms for live teacher instruction daily.
  12. Ipad devices purchased for all students throughout school year.
  13. Planning for Support Services provided Special Ed, ESL, mental health and additional academic support.