Discipline Policies


When students are disruptive or act inappropriately, school staff and administrators are expected to respond to this behavior logically, appropriately and consistently. Events are assigned to one or more levels of interventions or disciplinary resolutions. The discipline guidelines divide inappropriate and disruptive behaviors into four levels of events.

Disciplinary policies shall be enforced within the general guidelines as set forth in the Events Levels1-4 and the Events and Potential Interventions Matrix. These guidelines describe the various administrative actions that may be taken for infractions of the law and the school district’s standards of behavior.

The format of this section begins with the MINIMUM disciplinary resolutions and potential interventions for each event. The MAXIMUM administrative actions are expulsion and exclusion.

There shall be a logical relationship between the severity and frequency of the offense and the age of the offender and the administrative action.


Behavior events are classified in four levels.

A Level 1 event is the least severe with intervention by the teacher in the classroom.

A Level 4 event is the most severe and requires the director to make a recommendation for expulsion.

Each level provides recommendations for possible interventions based on the event and who is responsible for intervention

510 Student Conduct and Discipline Policy is available through the school office or located on the school website.)