Emergency Housing Assistance Program

City of Minneapolis Gap Funding for Coronavirus
Current information

If your employment has been affected by COVID-19, your family may qualify for the Emergency Housing Assistance Program. You must live in Minneapolis and make below a certain level of income. You can apply no matter what your immigration status may be. Please see attachment for details. Applications will open mid-April, we will post again when we have more information.

Emergency Housing Assistance Program

The amount of assistance will depend on the individual needs of the household, taking into consideration other resources the household is eligible to receive. In most cases, the maximum amount of assistance will not exceed $1,500 per household, but providers will have the flexibility to provide up to $2,000 under extraordinary circumstances. Eligible expenses include rent payments, including rent in arrears and rent due within 15 days and utility payments. Payments will be made directly to the rental property owner and/or utility company.

Eligible families will:

  • Reside in Minneapolis;
  • Have incomes of 30% AMI or below;
  • Have experienced a significant loss of income (from self-employed or any other source) due to the COVID-19 emergency;
  • Households are eligible irrespective of immigration or documentation status.

The program is designed to serve households that are not served by other COVID-19 related federal or state assistance.

Income limits for Emergency Housing Assistance Program

2019 HUD Income Limits: 30% AMI by household size
Household size Income limit
1 $21,000
2 $24,000
3 $27,000
4 $30,000
5 $32,400
6 $34,800
7 $39,010
8 $43,430

Next steps for Minneapolis Gap Funds for Housing

For both the Emergency Housing Assistance Program and the Stable Homes Stable Schools Emergency Expansion, the plan is for the intake process to be managed through the Tenant Resource Center (TRC). The TRC is a community collaboration which provides support for renters – including emergency assistance, workforce, legal assistance and mediation services. Our team is working hard to launch the funds and begin to accept applications by mid-April.

As application process details are being finalized, the Tenant Resource Center will not be able to provide any additional information on the Minneapolis Housing Gap funds or the application process.

Information about how and when to apply for these funds will be available on the City’s COVID-19 webpage and disseminated widely as the process is finalized.