Stonebridge World School shares its expectations so that all can be aware of what they are asked to do to support our school community.  The purpose of these expectations is to encourage all stakeholders to contribute to students’ academic achievement and to support a school environment where students and staff are responsible and respectful.  We believe that all students, family, staff and community members share the responsibility to ensure that all members of our school community are safe, able to learn, and treated with respect, dignity, and kindness.


Students at Stonebridge World School are expected to:

  • Come to school every day, on time and ready to learn.
  • Wear a clean uniform to school.
  • Take responsibility for their behavior.
  • Work to achieve at high levels.
  • Treat themselves and others with respect.
  • Help others understand their culture and learn about the cultures of others.
  • Follow directions and meet expectations of school staff.
  • Do assigned class work and homework.
  • Talk to their families about what is happening in school.


Parents at Stonebridge World School are expected to:

  • Get children to school every day, on time, rested and ready to learn.
  • Ensure students are dressed in a clean and fresh uniform.
  • Remind students of appropriate school behavior and their jobs at school.
  • Treat themselves and others with respect.
  • Support students with homework.
  • Communicate with their child’s teacher.
  • Talk to children about what is happening at school.
  • Ensure that the school has current addresses and phone numbers.
  • Attend scheduled meetings.


Teachers and Staff at Stonebridge World School are expected to:

  • Be prepared each day to help students learn and achieve at high levels.
  • Use appropriate discipline strategies and work to keep all students safe.
  • Establish clear, reachable expectations for students in the classroom.
  • Engage students in a fun, challenging, and active learning environment.
  • Treat themselves and others with respect.
  • Assign appropriate homework.
  • Communicate with parents on a regular basis.



All stakeholders sign the Stonebridge World School Commitment to Excellence Pledge, which incorporates all of these ideas.