Family Involvement

There are many ways to be involved in your child’s education at Stonebridge World School.

Family Events

 Stonebridge hosts monthly family events at our school. Family events are a great opportunity to meet other parents and to talk informally with your child’s teacher or other staff.

Classroom Visitors

Parents/Guardians are welcome and encouraged to contact Stonebridge World School teachers and staff with questions or to discuss concerns regarding their children.

  • Parents/Guardians wishing a conference with an administrator, teacher, other staff members and/or visit a classroom, please call the school in order to arrange an appointment in advance.
  • Stonebridge encourages a one day notice be given to the school office for a classroom visit unless special arrangements have been made with the teacher or

In order to limit interruptions to instruction, same-day classroom visits in general, will be limited.

  • Teachers do not answer their classroom phones during the student You may leave a voicemail for the teacher, or contact the teacher by email. See website for teacher’s voicemail number.
  • All classroom visits are limited to one hour unless there is special permission for volunteer service or other arrangements have been made with teacher or
  • Stonebridge does not allow school-age children to observe or visit classrooms unless they are with an organization/school and it relates to a documented community service
  • Classroom visitor requests can include parents, legal guardians or other approved adult family
  • We ask Parents/Guardians wishing to join their child for lunch to provide a one day notice to the school office. Parents/Guardians will join their child during the assigned lunch time and sit in the designated Parent/Child lunch Parents/ Guardians are asked not to bring outside food for a lunch visit for the student.

Visitor Code of Conduct

 Stonebridge World School is committed to providing a positive environment for its students, their parents, and school employees. The following types of conduct whether occurring in person or by e-mail, telephone, voice message or over social media, are unacceptable and will not be tolerated:

  1. Inappropriately raised voices, shouting or
  2. Inappropriately disciplining your child or other students in school or on the
  3. Obscene or foul
  4. Insulting a staff member’s judgement, or
  5. Threats, intimidations or suggestions of violence or other behavior which reasonably can be expected to intimidate.
  6. Unpermitted and unwelcome touching of any nature, regardless of the degree of force
  7. Harassment based on sex/gender, sexual orientation, race, color, creed, national origin, and/or
  8. Repeatedly failing to cooperate with the school regarding expectations outlined in the Commitment to Excellence

Please refer to Policy 901 VISITOR GUIDELINES on the website


 We encourage parents and guardians to volunteer. Some possible volunteer opportunities include:

  • Volunteering in your child’s classroom
  • Going on field trips with your child’s classroom
  • Assisting at family nights or other school-wide events
  • Participating in the Parent Advisory Group

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Enrollment and Outreach Specialist to discuss your ideas and interests (612-877-7423). All volunteers must have a background check completed before they can volunteer.


 Homework is a terrific way to be involved in your child’s education. As a parent/guardian, you can be involved by:

  • Setting aside a place where your child can do homework
  • Establishing a schedule for doing homework
  • Encouraging your child to talk with you about the work they’ve done

Students will have nightly homework that is relevant and reinforces what has already been taught in class.

Please have your child read at least 15 minutes each day.

Minnesota Parent Training and Information Center (PACER)

The Minnesota Parent Information and Resource Center is a statewide project that helps families and schools build stronger ties to benefit students. It provides free training, individual assistance, and information to families and schools.

Minnesota Parent Training and Information Center 8161 Normandale Blvd.,
Minneapolis, MN 55437
952-838-9000 or 800-537-2237