Food At School

Stonebridge provides breakfast and lunch every day for students. Lunches are prepared daily with

fresh ingredients according to the Minnesota Department of Education’s Food and Nutrition Services standards. If your student has any allergies or special food needs, please call the school and we will work with our food service to ensure we are able to meet a students’ dietary needs.


Lunch will be provided free to all students at Stonebridge this year according to the Minnesota free school meals for kids program.


Students can also bring a balanced bag lunch from home. We request that all home lunches follow the same standards as school lunches and include: fruit, vegetable, bread grain and a protein/meat/meat alternative. Milk will be available for all students. No fast food or soda is allowed.

Parents need to fill out a form to opt out of school lunch. The form will indicate that your child will be bringing a home lunch. Once the school receives this form a school lunch will not be ordered for the student. If a parent wants to change the student designation and receive a school lunch, a form must be completed and turned into the office. A five-day notice is necessary to make a lunch change.   If there is not a lunch opt out form on file it will be assumed the students is eating a school lunch, and will be provided with a school lunch.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.