Transportation Information

Stonebridge contracts with Monarch Bus Company to provide bus service to our students. We work closely with them to make sure bus services go smoothly. The following is necessary information about getting a bus set up and using it.


Do not send students on the bus if they have a fever (100.4 or higher). They will be required to be picked up upon arrival at the school.


Getting Your Bus Stop Set Up

When you enroll at Stonebridge, you will enter the bus system. It may take up to five days to set up or change a stop.

Late Buses
Your student(s) must be at bus stop 5 minutes before the designated time and up to 10 minutes after. If your child’s school bus has not arrived and it is more than ten minutes after the designated pick-up time, first call Monarch Bus Company at 612-251-8080 or 612-238-8080. Stonebridge is not able to provide transportation if your child misses the bus for issues unrelated to their normal bus route.

Bus Pickups
Students must be at their designated bus stops 5 minutes prior to their stop times. Do not send students on the bus if they have a fever (100.4 or higher). They will be required to be picked up upon arrival at the school. Students must keep their masks on during the bus ride. Bus driver will not pick up (or drop off) students at their home unless special arrangements have been made with the bus company for students with special needs. Students may not wait inside their homes until the bus comes, as the driver will drive past if student is not waiting at the stop.  Parents/ Guardians of Kindergarteners and first graders must have a parent at the bus stop, before and after school. Older siblings may escort child home (this includes daycares).

Changing Your Bus Stop
If you are moving or have a new daycare address, please inform the Stonebridge office and request a change of address form. It may take up to a week for the new bus stop to be activated. The sooner you get your new address in, the sooner your child’s new stop will be ready. ALL BUS CHANGES MUST BE MADE IN WRITING THROUGH THE SCHOOL OFFICE.

Temporary Changes In Your Child’s Schedule
If you will be picking up your child from school or you need your child to be dropped off at a different bus stop please send a note with your child signed by a parent or guardian or call the office. Calls regarding bus changes must be received in the office by 2:30 PM on the day of the change in order for the change to be made. For the safety of all students, Stonebridge is not able to make changes without communicating with a parent or guardian (students will not be allowed to get on a different bus or say, “my mom says I’m supposed to go somewhere else”).  ALL BUS CHANGES MUST BE MADE THROUGH THE SCHOOL OFFICE. Do not leave a message on a teachers’ voicemail.

Lost Students
If your child does not get off the bus at his or her scheduled stop at the end of the day, first call Monarch at 612-251-8080 or 612-238-8080, then notify the school at (612)877-7400.


If your child is using the van service parents/ caregivers are not allowed to call or receive calls from van drivers. Call the school office if you have questions regarding where the location of the van is.

Vans will honk once upon arrival and wait 5 minutes before calling dispatch and moving to their next stop.

Parents/ Guardians must set-up their student as a walker. There will be corners with no crossing guards. Students are to go straight to school or home, respect the rights of others, and walk at a comfortable pace.

A safe school bus ride to and from school is the result of all students/parents/ guardians understanding and practicing a few simple school bus safety rules.  It is important and helpful if parents work with the school and school district in teaching your children these rules.

If your child is suspended from transportation your child will discuss the reason for the suspension and may be reminded of the following bus safety rules: 1) bus riding is a privilege, not a right and it can be taken away, 2) district policies for student conduct and school bus safety, 3) safe, appropriate conduct while on the school bus, 4) the danger zone surrounding the school bus, 5) procedures for safely boarding or leaving the school bus, 6) procedures for safe street or road crossing and 7) school bus evacuation and other emergency procedures.

While waiting for the school bus students are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • Arrive at the stop FIVE minutes before the school bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • The School bus driver is not allowed to wait for late students, nor will the bus be sent back for late students who miss the bus.
  • Stay back from the curb.
  • Do not play on neighbor’s property or hang from their trees.
  • When you see the school bus coming down the street, line up in a single file line or wait for directions from the bus driver before crossing the street.
  • Cross ten feet in front of the school bus.
  • No pushing or shoving while boarding the school bus.

On the school bus, students are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • Always hold the handrail as you board; the stairs may be slippery.
  • Find a seat on the school bus and sit facing forward.
  • Always keep your books and backpack on your lap or seat.
  • Opening, closing, or adjusting the windows will only be done with the permission of the school bus driver.
  • Never put your arms or hands, or extend any object out the window of the school bus.

Students are expected to always follow the bus driver’s instructions:

  • Keep the noise level down while riding the school bus.
  • Remain seated while the school bus is in motion.
  • Fighting, spitting, teasing, wrestling, throwing objects, or littering will not be tolerated.
  • Respect others and their personal property.
  • Students are responsible for vandalism and will be responsible for restitution to the school district.

While riding school buses, all rules that apply to building and/or classroom behavior shall apply on school buses. Transportation consequences are mandated by state statute.

Any disruptive behavior, as defined under school policy, while riding a school bus is prohibited. This includes not remaining seated, throwing objects, disruptive behavior at a bus stop or to and from the bus stop, tampering with emergency or safety equipment, fighting/ play fighting, and lighting flammable devices.

Monarch Bus Company holds your child’s safety in the forefront of their Bus Conduct guidelines. Students in grades Pre-K-8 are individually considered for disciplinary action. Students may be suspended from riding the bus for longer periods of time, including the remainder of the school year. In addition to the specific loss of bus privileges, a student may receive other consequences for violation of a school policy.

 All offenses are subject to increased consequences determined by their severity